IMG_1380I am a physical geographer at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill working in two research groups: the Climate and Tree-Ring Environmental Science group and the Remote Sensing and Ecological Modeling group.  

I use remote sensing, geographic information science, and tree-ring science to examine interactions between the climate system, hydrology, and the biosphere. I focus in particular on past and present hydroclimatic variability and how natural and anthropogenic perturbations to the climate system impact carbon cycling in the water-sensitive ecosystems of western North America.

My past research projects include:

  • Examining the climatic drivers of ponderosa pine growth on seasonal time scalesimg_1996
  • Examining the influence of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation on the phenology and productivity of vegetation in the western U.S.
  • Developing an automated approach for land cover classification at frequent temporal intervals

My current work focuses on understanding and modeling the environmental drivers and spatiotemporal dynamics of primary production in the conterminous United States.